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Lumberg Group: Recognition of Excellence Award for Top Distributor Mütron

Schalksmühle, 10 November 2016. The partnership between Lumberg, an owner-managed manufacturer of quality connectors and Mütron Müller GmbH ...

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SKEDD World Premiere at Lumberg: Smart Arbitrary Direct Mating with the PCB in IDT

Schalksmühle, 25 October 2016. While direct mating with the edge of the printed circuit board using RAST connectors is one of the domains of ...

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Top Distribution for 45 Years: Lumberg Honors Bürklin with Award

Schalksmühle, 30 October 2016. 45 years ago, the partnership began between Lumberg, an owner-managed manufacturer of quality connectors and ...

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Celebrating 30 Years of RAST: New Allrounder for RAST 2.5 in IDT for Lumberg’s Semi-automatic Machines

Schalksmühle, 17 October 2016. Lumberg is a leading global manufacturer of so-called Raster-Anschluss-Steck-Technik – or RAST – connectors, ...

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High-performance: New RCA Chassis Socket by Lumberg

Schalksmühle, July 26, 2016. Lumberg has added a high-performance, tried and tested chassis socket according to JEITA RC-5231 to its program, ...

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High Distinction from Automotive Supplier Brose: Key Supplier Award 2016 for Lumberg

Cloppenburg/Schalksmühle, 13 April 2016. What had been announced as a regular meeting turned into a genuine surprise at Factory 2 of the Lumberg ...


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