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Promoting Your Ideas for Digitization and Networking of the Working World.

Innovation or evolution are the options for competitive products. We support your development with a broad range of solutions in the field of industrial applications.
The specific requirements of your product due to the application environment often also demand specific connector solutions for safe use. As a specialist in contacting technology, we know the special conditions and supply precisely for this reason to many other business fields, such as medical technology, mechanical and plant engineering, IT and communication, electric motors and drive technology or measurement and controls.

As a system provider with the ability to solve any challenges that arise in connection technology in the respective application – from the transmission of the smallest signal currents to high-current applications – we can supply coordinated system solutions from a single source.
We master the interaction of different connector systems in one application: from RAST to circular connectors to interfaces for network applications. Whether for the charger of your new battery tool or fully networked dental chair.
And if the ideal solution for your product cannot be found in our portfolio, we will be happy to work with you on a solution tailored to your needs. In doing so, we can implement all steps of new development in-house – from design and prototyping to series production.

Application Fields

Medical Technology

Consumer Electronics

Measurement and Control Technology

Measuring devices

connected with circular connectors of series 03

Personal grounding tester for ESD-protected areas

with circular connector of series 03

IT and Communications

Electric Motors and Drives

Tools and Leisure