Home Appliances

Home appliances – generally also referred to as White Goods – form a key segment in the consumer goods market. This covers a large selection of devices, ranging from washing-machines and dryers, to refrigerators and freezers, to dish-washers and stoves or microwaves as well as small appliances like modern coffee machines, toasters, blenders, vacuum cleaners and shavers.

More than 34 years ago, this industry created what is termed a Household Appliances Standard – and Lumberg was involved in this development from the very start. RAST connectors were created at the time with the aim of standardizing components, to guarantee conformity for connectors from different manufacturers and to eliminate errors in the production process due to mismated connections, or to simplify the assembly when mounting end devices and minimize faulty wiring.

RAST also facilitates the consolidation of connections, which reduces the number of individual connections and individual cable harnesses. Advantages which to this very day have furthered their success in numerous other sectors, including automotive. Lumberg is the RAST specialist here, boasting the broadest and deepest product range.

Application Fields

Washing-machines, Dryers, Dish-washers

Refrigerators and Freezers

Stoves, Ovens, Microwaves

Small Household Appliances

Cleaning and Body Care

Business Units