Why Lumberg

With Lumberg ever since he completed his apprenticeship more than 44 years ago

Walter Sprock, Head of Technology and Assembly

Lumberg: a Good Decision – with Good Reason

We will never know what exactly it was that motivated you to want to join our team. However, these Top 5 reasons make a strong case for a future at Lumberg:

1. Free space: Tomorrow’s Technologies for Today’s Challenges.
Even the greatest innovations begin on a humble blank piece of paper. Fill it with your ideas. Take advantage of the personal flexibility we offer to you, to shape the future by working on important projects.

2. Community: Be a “Lumberger”.
One for all – and all for one: play an important role in a team that breaks new ground as a single unit. We will create new things and grow step by step – together.

3. Lifelong Learning Good is not Good Enough for Us.
Quality is what counts. Quality is held in high esteem. Quality leaves its mark. That’s why we do more than deliver an outstanding performance; we also place a high priority on employee development. Show us what you can do – and learn along the way.

4. Growth: Our Roots go Deep – and Stretch Far and Wide.
Lumberg just keeps on growing – even internationally. Why not grow with us? What is more, you can drive our growth by working for us around the world. Everywhere you go, you will see the signs of a company with tradition which lends support – and is keenly aware of its responsibilities.

5. Responsibility: Reach the Summit with an Outstanding Partner.
If you want to scale the highest peak, you need a reliable partner at your side. Take on the responsibility and start your ascent. Lumberg offers you the opportunities to get there.