With our engineering-based-on-partnership maxim we manifest detailed and integrated made-to-measure solutions for our customers. How? By applying our vast industry know-how acquired from our essential Automotive, Home Appliance, Building Technology and Mobile Radio Networks business segments and pairing it with our electromechanics profession. From a first talk about technology to development, design and in-house lab and the construction of a pre-production prototype, we are a strong and reliable development partner. And we use creative thinking to turn individual design and product requests into prime “Made by Lumberg” quality at our central R&D in Schalksmühle.

With a view to the full product creation process, we offer – if included in your project at an early stage – practical, success-oriented development, validation and consulting services. Our team comprised of engineers, electricians, designers and mechanical engineers will work directly with and for you as external service providers at our offices. Our expert solutions start with the idea, add available technologies, and include the production concept. For us, innovation constitutes an alliance with the future – and with you.

We design and develop full products and sub-assemblies for you – while coordinating product requirements and specifications with you and your additional suppliers of components involved. We develop and clarify technical interfaces and if necessary, control the preliminary input from internal and external designers.

We support you in planning project-specific development costs and the project timeline; commission and follow the model construction; and guide design-based corrections resulting from laboratory tests or changes to specifications. Naturally, we document crucial project findings in the project management system for you.