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At Lumberg in Shanghai for more than one year and since his training 27 years ago with Lumberg

Michael Holthaus, CTO and Factory Manager

Those Who Dream Big – in Smallest Dimensions – have Come to the Right Place.

From the first TV set to the Apollo landing on the moon, to the electric car – big challenges motivate people to achieve great things. Our products were always a part of this. Whether in 1934, in 1969 and since 2011: we want to shape the future of electrical engineering in which we have been playing a leading role since 91 years. This is why Lumberg offers its employees everything they need to champion tomorrow’s demands: appealing tasks in pioneering projects; congenial teams and freedom for one’s personal development. Our company distinguishes itself with a family-like atmosphere, short decision-making channels, innovative processes, precision products, the concentration on specific business fields only – and our passion for connections.

At Lumberg, quality ranks first and foremost in everything we do. It isn’t just about creating top-quality products you’ll find nowhere else. There’s more to it. It’s about accomplishing things and achieving results where others throw up their hands. Regardless of whether you make the impossible possible as an engineer at Lumberg, galvanize one of our teams in our commercial divisions, or are just beginning to let your talent shine – for every small step we take together to reach our shared goals, you also move closer to achieving your own professional ambitions.

Discover how tradition and innovation unify under one roof – in a company which lives up to its corporate social responsibility in the region and is a pillar of dependability for its employees. Start with a family-run company – and stay for the corporate citizenship, the cost-efficient way of doing business, and the pro-environment mind-set.

Your Future in an International Family Business.

Lumberg is a mid-sized industrial enterprise rooted in the electrical engineering industry and prizes its traditional high value generation and growth in sales abroad. Today, around 1,250 people work in nine countries with passion and technological know-how in sales for quality products and intelligent industrial services for the sustainable progress of our customers. Their qualifications and their commitment form the basis for our success. Lumberg generated consolidated sales worth over € 167 million during the financial year 2022.

It feels good to participate in finding solutions that set things into motion. Identifying with the goal turns your actions into an experience of success. Our structures allow qualified employees from the most varied fields of application to find their niche. Our activities are divided into four distinct business segments – Automotive Technology, Building Technology, Household Appliances and Wireless Technology which underline Lumberg’s direction as a technology company and solutions provider. Our competencies are marked by global trends that will determine the future: globalization, digitization, climate change, environmental issues, development of infrastructure and mobility. Lumberg connectors, mechatronics modules and complex assemblies offer future-proof solutions for a wide range of economic and technical issues of our customers and design partners.

Find out for yourself just how exciting and diverse working at an internationally set-up family business whose home base is in Germany’s Sauerland region and which develops high technology solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, can be.

Lumberg relies on lean, efficient structures in order to focus on its core competencies. This allows us to act in proximity to the market and customers and directly implement operational measures and strategic decisions with passion, without delay and direct. In unison with the individual national companies and colleagues on site, our Global Sales team faces international challenges. At the headquarters in Schalksmühle is where everything comes together. This is where the strategic direction of the family business is planned, creating the foundation for its global success.