The first step, the development, is followed by a pivotal second phase which is already part of the development phase: The goal is to initialize a serial production based on approved pre-series manufacturing, to standardize joint production processes so that they can be used effectively, productively and uniformly. Supply chain processes must be included because more often than not, we have to fit active or passive elements from other suppliers in sub-assemblies. Our team takes care of standardizing procedures and automating process flows.

A quality promise which we give to you for your products is our high intra-company range of manufacture: the conception and construction of assembly lines or even tools is just one of the essential competencies of our house proven many times over with many reference projects. Our specialized mechanical engineering keeps a careful eye on a sensible level of automation, but also on advanced testing technology. We have high demands on our machine and tool manufacturing – but we also keep the quality of your product in mind.