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Power Connectors: Range Expansion with Booming RAST 7.5

Schalksmühle, 15.02.2023. Few connectors achieve a breakthrough in very different – and at the same time highly topical – industries in such a short time as Lumberg’s RAST 7.5 Power™ connector (3690).

One of the new areas of application for the RAST 7.5 Power™ connector, which is designed for rated currents of up to 25 amperes at Tamb 85 °C and a rated voltage of 500 volts, is electric vehicles with a higher than standard 12-volt on-board voltage. Beyond the automotive industry, the connector is flourishing enormously in heating technology, especially in the currently booming heat pumps. It is also fitting that Lumberg has been accepted as a member of the Bundesverband Wärmepumpen e.V. (German Heat Pump Association).

Lumberg is now responding to the increased fields of application by expanding the product range with new pole numbers. The power connector with external locking, which is now indirectly mating onto a 2 to 5-pole upright tab header (3695) and is now also available with 1 to 4 poles, can be placed consecutively without loss of pitch. The keying option of these connectors allows for fool-proof mating. With a pitch of 7.5 mm (0,295″) this connector is designed for AWG 14 (≈ 2.5 mm²) conductors with an insulation diameter of up to 3.6 mm (0,142″). Contact springs are silver-plated, and the connector terminates by insulation displacement technology (IDT). The RAST 7.5 Power™ connector is applicable in a temperature range from -40 to +130 degrees centigrade.


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