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Michelle Münchhoff from Lumberg: Best Industrial Management Assistant of the Year with Prospects

Schalksmühle, 01.03.2022. Michelle Münchhoff from Lumberg in Schalksmühle was rewarded at the end of her vocational training with a dream grade of 1.0. Together with one of her classmates, she was the best student of the year in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (CCI) “Industrial Business Management Assistant” program. The 21-year-old had previously taken her Abitur at the Anne Frank Gymnasium in Halver and, before deciding to train as an industrial management assistant in 2020, did her federal voluntary service at an elementary school.

Meike Schmidt, Managing Partner of the Lumberg Group, honored a straight 1 in the final grade of the IHK examination in her own way yesterday at a small ceremony on the occasion of the excellent graduation: She handed Michelle Münchhoff an unlimited employment contract as a follow-up to the training. That Michelle Münchhoff now begins in her desired position in the “Strategic Purchasing” of the internationally operating Lumberg Group is a matter of honor.

“We are very happy about every talent that works with natural talent on the one hand, but also with diligence – maybe even by giving up free time – on the other hand, on an operational career in our company. We want to encourage this – and we are particularly happy to reward exceptional performance,” said Meike Schmidt yesterday.

Münchhoff is only at the beginning of her journey: With her dream grades, she is qualified for the IHK’s talent promotion program and has just taken the next step and started the “Bachelor of Business Administration and Operations (CCI)” – before a course of study at university is to follow.


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