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Premiere at Lumberg: Top Miniaturization Achieved at RAST with Pitch 1.5

Schalksmühle, 11.11.2022. „Home of the RAST Connector“ – Lumberg stands for this like no other connector manufacturer. RAST systems are the foundation of the company’s success in automotive, building technology and home appliances. In 1986, Lumberg was one of the inventors of “Raster-Anschluss-Steck-Technik”, or RAST for short. At that time, RAST 5 debuted with a contact pitch of 5.0 mm for “white goods”. In the course of miniaturization, the RAST 2.5 system was introduced in 1993. Compared to RAST 5, this system saved a good 72 % in size and opened up new applications, especially in heating and automotive technology. Since then, the smaller RAST 2.5 has been used up to 4 amperes wherever the electrical requirements of the application permit.

RAST 2.5 and RAST 5 are systems that contact the PCB edge directly or indirectly via pin headers. In insulation displacement technology and especially as a modular direct connecting system, a wide range of applications can be realized in a space-saving manner without mismating. In addition, Lumberg’s suitable machine concepts enable the efficient and cost-effective production of wire harnesses in industrial quality for any batch size.

Now, for the first time, the RAST 1.5 mm connector system in insulation displacement technology is being launched. Compared to the already small RAST 2.5, it saves another 43 % in size and is designed for currents up to 1 A. A significant proportion of previous RAST 2.5 connectors are used below 1 A and can now be replaced by RAST 1.5 to save space on the PCB. The characteristic RAST coding is available as well as the option of fully automated cable assembly. The weight saving due to reduced conductor cross-sections is then 40 %.

The 2- to 12-pole connector with a contact resistance ≤ 5 mΩ can be used to realize rated currents of 1 A (at Tamb 85 °C) with a rated voltage of 48 V. The conductors that can be connected in the insulation displacement area allow cross-sections of 0.14 to 0.22 mm².


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