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Lutronic: The Lumberg Sister Expands the Feeding Systems Business Unit with a High-Performance Drum Feeder

Schalksmühle, 08.08.2019. Lutronic, set up for international operations in 2016, is specialized in feeding systems for machinery and equipment. ...

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Connectors for Bus Wiring (Daisy Chain): New Harnessing Machine Enables Automated Termination

Schalksmühle, 12.6.2019. A significant trend can be seen in the core business units of the Lumberg Group: Bus wiring is increasingly being implemented ...

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Meike Schmidt: “Manager of the Year 2019”

Managing Partner of the Lumberg Group wins the third time reader's choice of the leading European trade journal "Markt & Technik"

Schalksmühle, 24.05.2019. The Lumberg Group is one of the leading providers of connector and contact systems. The competence lies in particular ...

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Lumberg from the F.A.Z.-Institute awarded as “Germany’s Innovation Leader”

Schalksmühle, 04-12-2019. The F.A.Z.-Institut, a subsidiary of the renowned Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, has awarded Lumberg the certificate ...

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Innovative and Reliable: SmartSKEDD-Connector for the Building Technology

Schalksmühle, 22.02.2019. If the “direct connector” was previously a synonym for a connector plugged onto the edge of a printed ...

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Over 25 Years of Top Distribution: Lumberg Presents Award to JIT

Schalksmühle, 21.11.2018. The partnership between Lumberg, the owner-managed manufacturer of high-quality connectors and electromechanical components, ...


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