Micromodul™ connectors, pitch 1.27 mm

Micromodul™ tab header, upright, without retaining hooks, solder contacts dual row parallel

Approvals: VDE, UL

Data Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data

Environmental conditions

Temperature range: -40 °C/+140 °C  *1

1) upper limit temperature (insulating body) RTI (electrical) of the UL Yellow Card


Insulating body: PA GF, V-0 according to UL94

Contact tab: CuZn, pre-nickel and tin-plated – MICS-D
CuZn, pre-nickel and gold-plated – MICS-D AU

Electrical data (at Tamb 20 °C)

Rated current: 1,2 A

Rated voltage: 160 V AC
(250 V AC ohne Berücksichtigung der Kriech- und Luftstrecken nach IEC 60664/DIN EN 60664)



Poles / Product Inquiry

Designation Poles PU
MICS-D 0441,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE14,720

Bürklin, DE1,920

MICS-D 0661,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE13,665

Bürklin, DE1,361

MICS-D 0881,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE2,065

Bürklin, DE1,581

MICS-D 10101,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE7,747

JIT, DE2,000

MICS-D 12125002,000
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE1,359

JIT, DE1,200

Arrow, DE946

MICS-D 14145002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE2,828

Bürklin, DE1,580

MICS-D 16165001,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE723

MES, DE393

Bürklin, DE176

MICS-D 18185001,000
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE855

MICS-D 20205001,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE1,501

MES, DE500

Bürklin, DE390

JIT, DE147

MICS-D 26265001,000
Immediately available at

EVE, DE1,000

Arrow, DE225

MICS-D 04 0,8 AU41,0002,000
MICS-D 06 0,8 AU61,0002,000
MICS-D 08 0,8 AU81,0002,000
MICS-D 10 0,8 AU101,0002,000
MICS-D 12 0,8 AU125002,000
MICS-D 16 0,8 AU165001,000
MICS-D 20 0,8 AU205001,000

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