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Micromodul™ connectors, pitch 1.27 mm

Micromodul™ tab header, upright, with retaining hooks, solder contacts dual row staggered

Approvals: VDE, cULus
Data Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data

Environmental conditions

Temperature range: -40 °C/+140 °C  *1

1) upper limit temperature (insulating body) RTI (electrical) of the UL Yellow Card


Insulating body: PA GF, V-0 according to UL94

Contact tab: CuZn, pre-nickel and tin-plated – MICS
CuZn, pre-nickel and gold-plated – MICS AU

Electrical data (at Tamb 20 °C)

Rated current: 1.2 A

Rated voltage: 160 V AC
(250 V AC without consideration of creepage and clearance distances according to IEC 60664/DIN EN 60664)



Poles / Product Inquiry

Designation Poles PU
Request for quote
MICS 0441,0002,000
Immediately available at

Rutronik, DE16,000

Arrow, DE11,472

JIT, DE1,295

Bürklin, DE1,143

RS, US590


MICS 0661,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE116,204

Rutronik, DE11,000

Farnell, GB2,519

JIT, DE1,192

Bürklin, DE574

MICS 0881,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE16,939

Rutronik, DE6,000

Farnell, GB3,515

Semtech, DE2,500

EVE, DE2,472

Lumberg, US2,000

Bürklin, DE952

JIT, DE756

MICS 10101,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE6,094

RS, US1,750

Bürklin, DE1,489

EVE, DE221

MICS 12125002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE9,218

RS, US1,980

Semtech, DE1,200

EVE, DE936

Bürklin, DE701

MICS 14145002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE10,288

Bürklin, DE231

MICS 16165001,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE4,291

Semtech, DE500

Bürklin, DE22

MICS 18185001,000
MICS 20205001,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE6,950

RS, US1,000

Semtech, DE500

MICS 26265001,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE101

MICS 04 0,8 AU41,0002,000
MICS 06 0,8 AU61,0002,000
MICS 08 0,8 AU81,0002,000
MICS 10 0,8 AU101,0002,000
MICS 20 0,8 AU205001,000

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