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Micromodul™ connectors, pitch 1.27 mm

Micromodul™ connector for indirect mating, insulation displacement technology (IDT), with lock, loose

Approvals: VDE, cULus
Data Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data

Environmental conditions

Temperature range: -40 °C/+120 °C  *1

1) upper limit temperature (insulating body) RTI (electrical) of the UL Yellow Card


Insulating body: PBT GF, V-0 according to UL94

Contact spring: CuSn, tin-plated – MICA
CuSn, gold-plated in contact area, tin-plated in insulation displacement area – MICA SEL 0,8 AU

Mechanical data

Insertion force/contact: ≤ 1.5 N

Withdrawal force/contact: > 0.4 N

Connectable conductors for IDT area

Construction: flat cable 1.27 mm LiYV

Section min.: AWG 28 (0.09 mm²)

Section max.: AWG 26 (0.14 mm²)

Insulation diameter: 1.0 mm

Note: Most products are available with different IDT contact variants. Please note the section Approved Cables below.

Electrical data (at Tamb 20 °C)

Contact resistance: ≤ 10 mΩ

Rated current: 1.2 A

Rated voltage: 32 V AC
(250 V AC not considering clearances and creepage distances of IEC 60664/DIN EN 60664)



Harnessing Equipment

Approved Cables

Approved Cables for MICA Download (PDF)

Conductor Insulation Manufacturer
Typ Cross Section
Construction Lenght of Lay
Material Temp. Range
Name Designation Description
MICA 0,081 x Ø 0,32 mm ribbon cableSn0,93 ± 0,05PVC+105Klasing5009240FD 9 x 0,32/0,93 R1,27
MICA 0,087 x 0,12 mm +/-0,005 ribbon cable9.41Sn0,9 +/- 0,08PVC105Datafield WenChangFLC-10647-14GY WCH P/N UL 2651UL 2651 28 AWG*14P PH:1.27 mm
MICA 0,081 x Ø 0,32 mm ribbon cableSn0,75 ± 0,1PE+130SumidaBxx-Pxxx-A-001Panta-Fix Jumper
MICA 0,0877 x Ø 0,127 mm ribbon cable9,41Sn0,89 ± 0,10PVC+105BaohingC1012217UL2651 28 AWGXnF
MICA 0,097 x Ø 0,127 mm ribbon cable8Sn0,93PVC+105Klasing50066xx
MICA 0,097 x Ø 0,127 mm ribbon cable8.46Sn0.89PVC-20/+1053MSerie 3365/10AWG 28
MICA 0,0919 x 0,079 mm ribbon cable5Sn0,93 +/- 0,05PVC-10/+105Klasing5002208Flachbandleitung FL-f
MICA 0,0919 x Ø 0,079 ribbon cable6,45Sn0,89PVC-20/+1053M3539-Series, AWG28Medium Flex Life Cable,1,27mm, AWG28
MICA 0,097 x Ø 0,127 mm ribbon cable9,1Sn0,9 ± 0,1PVC+105Lian YuLY 8810041,27mm FLAT CABLE AWG 28
MICA 0,0919 x Ø 0,08 mmribbon cable5Sn0,89 ± 0,13PVC+105JSTJFCR 28L-10HF127JFCR 28L-xxHF 127
MICA 0,097 x Ø 0,12 mm ribbon cable12,7Sn0,9 ± 0,05PVC+105Hung FuHF 9-64HF1,27Centers PVC/ 28AWG
MICA 0,097 x Ø 0,127 mmribbon cable8Sn0,93 ± 0,05PVC lead-free+105DrakaBMW 8 380 723.9FLRZYW-A … xAWG28/7/0,93
MICA 0,097 x Ø 0,127 mm ribbon cable7,6Sn0,89 ± 0,08PVC+105Tyco1-971111-4UL-Style 2651/ CSA AWM IA
MICA 0,097 x Ø 0,12 mm ribbon cable7,6Sn0,93 ± 0,05Polyolefin+105Klasing50532xx
MICA 0,097 x Ø 0,127 mm ribbon cable7,6Sn0,89PVC+105Klasing50067xxFL-ZGL XXx0,09/0,93
MICA 0,147 x Ø 0,16 mm ribbon cable7,6Sn1 ± 0,05PVC+105Klasing50277xx
MICA 0,147 x Ø 0,16 mm ribbon cable8Sn1,00 ± 0,05PVC-10/+80Medi122267UL/cUL Style 1061/10002 AWG 26
MICA 0,1419 x Ø 0,1 mm27Sn1,10 ± 0,05mPPE-40/+80Kabeltronik216042600PUR-tronic D-UL-Flex FRNC UL AWM 21223/ 11028
MICA 0,147 x Ø 0,16 mmca. 7,6Sn1,00 ± 0,05PVC-30/+105MediKabel52671114LiY 14 x AWG 26 grau
MICA 0,1519 x Ø 0,1 mm ribbon cable27Sn1,10 ± 0,05PPE-20/+80Kabeltronik215042600AWG 26
MICA AWG 281 x Ø 0,3 mm foil cable-SnNomex-40/+125SumidaBxx-Nxxx-x-8,5Panta-Fix Jumper

Approved Cables for MICA VP3

Conductor Insulation Manufacturer
Typ Cross Section
Construction Lenght of Lay
Material Temp. Range
Name Designation Description
MICA VP30,147 x Ø 0,16 mmca. 7,6Sn1,00 ± 0,05PVC-30/+105MediKabel52671114LiY 14 x AWG 26 grau

Connector systems with insulation displacement and crimp technology require suitable cables and accurate processing. In order to assure safe function of the connectors they must be processed with Lumberg harnessing equipment (series 97), according to Lumberg processing instructions, using cables approved by Lumberg. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

The cables listed here have been tested in the laboratory and have been approved suitable for the specified connector type. Lumberg cannot assume warranty for possible modifications on the part of the cable manufacturer. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the compatibility of the chosen components and their appropriateness for the intended application.



Poles / Product Inquiry

Designation Poles PU
Request for quote
MICA 0441,0002,000
Immediately available at

Lumberg, US22,000

Arrow, DE21,283

EVE, DE3,578

Farnell, GB3,283

RS, US3,155

Bürklin, DE2,422

MES, DE2,021

MICA 0661,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE46,317

Farnell, GB9,655

Semtech, DE6,000

Bürklin, DE5,257

Lumberg, US4,000

RS, US3,844

MES, DE3,477

EVE, DE793

JIT, DE206

MICA 0881,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE15,737

Semtech, DE4,983

RS, US2,853

Farnell, GB2,684

Lumberg, US2,000

JIT, DE1,000

MES, DE764

Bürklin, DE282

MICA 10101,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE106,816

Farnell, GB8,633

Bürklin, DE4,920

EVE, DE3,050

Semtech, DE3,000

MES, DE1,500

MICA 12125002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE27,460

RS, US2,070

Lumberg, US2,000

Farnell, GB524

Bürklin, DE65

MICA 14145002,000
Immediately available at

Farnell, GB3,850

Bürklin, DE1,434

Semtech, DE980

EVE, DE500

Arrow, DE2


MICA 16165001,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE10,256

Farnell, GB1,721

MES, DE1,400

Bürklin, DE810

Semtech, DE500

EVE, DE280

MICA 18185001,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE831

Bürklin, DE674

MICA 20205001,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE1,982

Farnell, GB1,438

Semtech, DE1,000

Bürklin, DE882

MICA 26265001,000
Immediately available at

Semtech, DE800

Arrow, DE716

Bürklin, DE150

MICA 04 SEL.0,8 AU041,0002,000
MICA 06 SEL.0,8 AU061,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE1

MICA 08 SEL.0,8 AU081,0002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE2,000

MICA 10 SEL.0,8 AU101,0002,000
MICA 12 SEL.0,8 AU125002,000
MICA 14 SEL.0,8 AU145002,000
MICA 16 SEL.0,8 AU165002,000
MICA 18 SEL.0,8 AU185002,000
MICA 20 SEL.0,8 AU205002,000
MICA 26 SEL.0,8 AU265002,000

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