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Connectors for Bus Wiring (Daisy Chain): New Harnessing Machine Enables Automated Termination

Schalksmühle, 12.6.2019. A significant trend can be seen in the core business units of the Lumberg Group: Bus wiring is increasingly being implemented in the Automotive, Home Appliances and Building Technology sectors. This wiring concept can now be found in car seats, vehicle rear lights, heating systems and house appliances, for example.

Internationally, the term “daisy chain” has established itself for a wiring concept in which the components are not connected individually, but are connected in series. The first component is connected directly to the control unit, the other components are connected in series with their predecessors to form a chain.

This structure enables bus communication: A bus is a system for signal or data transmission between several components via a common transmission path. This principle has been widely used in automation as so-called fieldbus technology for many years.

This wiring concept is also increasingly implemented with RAST 2.5 connectors. RAST 2.5 connectors from Lumberg are bus-compatible, as the cables can simply be looped through and routed through the rear side.

The termination of the RAST connectors can now be carried out particularly easy with a new semi-automatic harnessing machine. The machine of type HA35e-DC (Daisy Chain) for the termination of RAST 2.5 connectors in insulation displacement technology for the production of bus lines is adapted to the application requirements, since daisy chain cable sets can be highly individually designed. The disunion of the process steps “separation” of the RAST 2.5 connectors delivered in pre-locked position before and “pressing” after the cables have been inserted creates the prerequisite for the economical and fast assembly of medium to large series of cable harnesses from 2 to 20 poles in 2.5 mm pitch or, if every second pole is omitted, in 5 mm pitch, in daisy chain configuration.

For even higher volume production RAST 2.5 series in bus wiring, a flexible, fully automatic processing machine based on the fully automatic VARICON 7000 Eco is currently being prepared – also with a DC extension. The market launch will begin in autumn of this year.


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