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Maximum Retaining Force: Over 13 N for RAST 2.5 Connectors

Schalksmühle,11 March 2016. Lumberg, as a specialist for RAST connectors in insulation displacement technology, is once again expanding its ...

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Lumberg Donates 1.5 Tons of Metal to Promote International Youth Work

Schalksmühle, 29 January 2016. Following the spectacular exposure of a week-long theft of metal at Factory 1 in Schalksmühle in December of ...

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Lumberg Signs SKEDD Technology License

Leading global maker of RAST connectors joins IDT discipline with new direct PCB connection by Würth Elektronik ICS.

Schalksmühle/Cloppenburg, 3rd of December 2015. “We are thrilled to have found a second powerful partner in Lumberg for the global marketing ...

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New Power Supply Connector:
Total Support at a High 10 Amps

Schalksmühle, 1st of December 2015. Lumberg added two new models to its portfolio of DC power supply connectors. Geared specifically toward ...

Success with Press-fit

Growing Demand

The many requirements from a large variety of applications within the automotive industry as well as other fields in electronics have led us ...

Ulrich Schmidt,
Managing Director Lumberg
RAST Connector: The Future Looks Like This

Advancement of a Proven Interface – Direct Mating with RAST Gaining Ground

In 1986, Lumberg was one of the inventors of “Raster Anschluss Steck Technik”, the connector technology that goes by the acronym RAST. Yet ...


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