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Pluggable Terminal Block in IDT – Unique, Yet Universal

Schalksmühle, 15.07.2014. Quite popular is the use of all kinds of pin headers. For an easy and safe connection of peripheral components, such ...

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Combined Tab and Socket Board – Heating Technology’s very own Specialist among Industrial Connectors

Schalksmühle, 27.6.2014. Initially installed exclusively in heating technology, yet at home around the world and on just about every printed ...

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New RAST 5 Tab Header with 1.5 mm Pre-mating Protective Contact

Schalksmühle, 18.5.2014. The current RAST 5 family of connectors includes some 4,500 items alone, which we here at Lumberg identify as class ...

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High-Current Connector in RAST

Schalksmühle, 1.3.2014. Far beyond the traditional vehicle 12 volts on-board voltage are currents in electrical vehicles. For this purposes ...

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Absolutely one-of-a-kind:
Micromodul as Direct Connector in IDT

Schalksmühle, 2.2.2014. As the sole producer Lumberg provides with the 302299 a connector from the Micromodul™-series for direct mating in ...

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New Addition to RAST 2.5 Power Family

Schalksmühle, 8.1.2014. Lumberg, as a specialist for RAST technology or plug-in connectors, is once again expanding its largest product segment ...