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Bernd Baumunk: 40-year Connection with Technology and Lumberg

Schalksmühle, June 7, 2016. The owner families, represented by Wilhelm Helbert and the current generation of owners, Meike and Ulrich Schmidt thanked Bernd Baumunk during a small celebration shared with close colleagues and companions, for an anniversary which nowadays is anything but ordinary.

In April 1977, Baumunk’s application reached Lumberg on Hälverstraße. He arrived just one day after his holiday for a spontaneous interview — and only 24 hours later, on May 1, he was hired as an MTM specialist (Methods-Time Measurement) by the then managing director at Lumberg, Werner Turck.

Shortly after, in the early 80s, he became the head of Production Planning and then in 1995, the head of Planning and Technology. As of 1998, Bernd Baumunk was the Director of the booming mobile telephony business unit, for which Lumberg perfected especially the micro-contact elements – and which to this day has remained one of the domains of the connector maker, with production sites in Schalksmühle, Cloppenburg and Poland’s Świebozin.

In 2002, Baumunk joined the technical management of Lumberg Connect and set impulses with Wilhelm Helbert beyond the connector segment with the development of complex, customized sub-assemblies, with both men being in charge of the entire technology segment.

Since 2012, the 64-year old has been taking things somewhat easier, but not without contributing his expertise and close ties with customers in the capacity of a consultant toward the company’s development and as a member of the management. He joins the Lumberg Group regularly at the headquarters and volunteers solid advice on strategies and the targeted acquisition of new customers. To this day, he remains very hands-on and enjoys getting his foot in the door of large-scale projects.

Meike Schmidt, managing partner of Lumberg Group, together with her husband, Ulrich, who nowadays is mainly responsible for the technology segment of the globally-operating Lumberg Group as the general manager, handed the anniversary certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to Bernd Baumunk and could not resist thanking the aficionado of fast sports cars for his extraordinary loyalty and valuable contribution toward the corporate development of Lumberg by presenting him with a special gift for a short trip.


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