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Peak Power in IP67: Circular Connector for Up To 20 Amps

New Quicklock Connectors

Schalksmühle, May 17, 2018. Lumberg is currently starting up an all-new material group – WG02 – for its high-performance IP67 circular connector with Quicklock. Quicklock releases the catch with a rocker that snaps the 2- to 12-pin connectors firmly into the sockets, and conveniently disengages the catch again with a little pressure from the finger.

The cable connector, cable socket and chassis socket (with a captive silicone cover) come in three frame sizes with a 12, 16 or 20 mm diameter of the mating face for a rated current of 20 amps for the maximum performance version. Today’s cable connection caters to the frequently requested larger cable diameters and ranges between 3 and 11.4 mm as a soldered version for the new power connectors.
All dimensions feature a contact base, grip body and cap nut made of robust PBT (V0 UL94) while the brass contact male wiring pins are generally gold-plated. The connector’s Quicklock is made of a chromium zinc alloy for the different size models. All IP67 size models are designed to withstand a temperature range of between -40 and +80 °C, which facilitates their use in highly challenging environments.
The 20-frame size accommodates higher currents in particular. 2-pin to 4-pin versions master rated currents of 20 amps for a rated voltage of 500 V and a surge voltage of up to 2,500 V AC in confined spaces. The 5-pin to 7-pin models are ideal for 12 amps; 9-pin to 12-pin versions perform best with 5 amps.

Our 2-pin to 6-pin versions in frame size 12 cater to rated currents of 5 amps, while the 7-pin and 8-pin version pairs best with 3 amps with a rated voltage of 125 V and a rated surge voltage of 1,500 V AC.

These new models are Lumberg’s response to the demand for performance connectors that are assembled in the field and are used in metrology applications, but also in areas such as apparatus and mechanical engineering, traffic management systems and studio and stage technology, which call for IP67 dust and water impermeability standards.


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