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Minimodul™ connectors, pitch 2.5 mm

Empty Minimodul™ housing for reception of crimp contacts, for indirect mating

Approvals: UL
Data Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data

Environmental conditions

Temperature range: -25 °C/+100 °C


Insulating body: PBT, V-0 according to UL94

Electrical data (at Tamb 20 °C)

Rated current: 5.0 A (Tamb 30 °C) (UL AWG 22–20)
2.5 A (Tamb 70 °C) (UL AWG 26–24)

Rated voltage: 125 V AC (UL 120 V AC) (every chamber equipped)
250 V AC (every other chamber equipped)




Poles / Product Inquiry

Designation Poles PU
Request for quote
3114 02 VP1522,5002,500
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE37,869

Lumberg, US5,000

MES, DE4,250

TME, PL3,845

Rutronik, DE2,500

Arrow, DE1,742

3114 03 VP1532,5002,500
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE187,339

Bürklin, DE11,520

Lumberg, US2,500

TME, PL1,613

Semtech, DE1,500

3114 04 VP1542,5002,500
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE18,975

MES, DE2,400

Semtech, DE1,016

TME, PL504

3114 05 VP1552,5002,500
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE31,565

Semtech, DE7,000

Bürklin, DE5,365

Lumberg, DE5,000

TME, PL2,395

3114 06 VP1562,5002,500
Immediately available at

Semtech, DE16,250

Lumberg, DE7,500

Bürklin, DE3,902

Lumberg, US2,500

TME, PL1,573

Arrow, DE905

3114 07 VP1572,5002,500
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE829

3114 08 VP1582,5002,500
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE3,198

3114 09 VP1592,5002,500
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE2,375

3114 10 VP15102,5002,500
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE2,565

TME, PL889

3114 11 VP15111,0002,000
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE470

3114 12 VP15121,0002,000
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE2,800

Arrow, DE750

3114 13 VP15131,0002,000
3114 14 VP15141,0002,000
3114 15 VP15151,0002,000
Immediately available at

TME, PL3,746

Arrow, DE1,628

3114 16 VP15161,0002,000
3114 17 VP15171,0002,000
3114 18 VP15181,0002,000
3114 19 VP15191,0002,000
3114 20 VP15201,0002,000
Immediately available at

TME, PL1,858

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