31 2,5 MSF

Minimodul™ connectors, pitch 2.5 mm

Minimodul™ pin header, upright, with locking latch, solder contacts single row

Approvals: UL

Data Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data

Environmental conditions

Temperature range: -40 °C/+120 °C  *1

1) upper limit temperature (insulating body) RTI (electrical) of the UL Yellow Card


Insulating body: PA GF, V-0 according to UL94  *1

Contact pin: CuZn, pre-nickel and tin-plated

1) component glow wire resistant (GWT 750 °C), testing acc. to IEC 60695-2-11, assessment acc. to IEC 60335-1 (flame < 2 s)

Electrical data (at Tamb 20 °C)

Rated current: 5 A (TU 60 °C)

Rated voltage: 160 V AC



Poles / Product Inquiry

Designation Poles PU
2,5 MSF 02 (3114)22502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE50,495

EVE, DE3,750

Farnell, GB1,861

Bürklin, DE124

2,5 MSF 0222502,000
Immediately available at

Lumberg, DE6,750

Arrow, DE5,225

TME, PL2,130

Farnell, GB1,918

EVE, DE1,520

Bürklin, DE1,307

2,5 MSF 0332502,000
Immediately available at

Semtech, DE39,500

Arrow, DE28,001

Rutronik, DE5,000

EVE, DE1,733

Bürklin, DE1,518

TME, PL539

JIT, DE398

2,5 MSF 0442502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE10,497

JIT, DE1,800

Semtech, DE1,500

EVE, DE1,440

TME, PL537

Bürklin, DE264

2,5 MSF 0552502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE40,276

Rutronik, DE6,000

TME, PL1,264

Bürklin, DE347

EVE, DE250

2,5 MSF 0662502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE18,706

Farnell, GB1,419

JIT, DE1,250

EVE, DE500

TME, PL471

Bürklin, DE383

2,5 MSF 0772502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE11,305

Bürklin, DE2,043

2,5 MSF 0882502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE17,837

Semtech, DE395

Bürklin, DE64

2,5 MSF 0992502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE8,310

Lumberg, DE6,000

Semtech, DE2,000

2,5 MSF 10102502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE9,894

TME, PL1,159

Farnell, GB938

Bürklin, DE597


2,5 MSF 11112502,000
2,5 MSF 12122502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE1,481

Bürklin, DE362

2,5 MSF 13132502,000
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE1,521

2,5 MSF 14142502,000
2,5 MSF 15152502,000
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE955

Arrow, DE679

2,5 MSF 16162502,000
2,5 MSF 17172502,000
2,5 MSF 18182502,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE1,500

2,5 MSF 19192002,000
2,5 MSF 20202002,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE1,141

Bürklin, DE648

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