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Circular connectors with threaded joint M16 acc. to IEC 61076-2-106, IP40/IP68

Socket acc. to IEC 61076-2-106, IP40, straight version, with threaded joint, solder terminals and bend protection, for cable diameter up to 6 mm

Data Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data

Environmental conditions

Temperature range: -40 °C/+85 °C


Insulating body: PA GF, V-0 according to UL94

Contact bush: CuZn, silver-plated and flash gold-plated (3-8 poles)
CuZn, pre-nickel and gold-plated (12 poles)

Sleeve: PC, HB according to UL94

Strain relief: steel, nickel-plated

Housing: CuZn, nickel-plated

Bend protection sleeve: TPE

Screw: steel, nickel-plated

Mechanical data

Insertion force/contact: ≤ 5.0 N  *1

Withdrawal force/contact: ≥ 1.2 N (3-8 poles)
≥ 0.9 N (12 poles)  *2

Protection class: IP40  *3

1) measured with a polished steel pin, nominal thickness 1.5 mm (1.0 mm with 12 poles)

2) measured with a polished steel pin, nominal thickness 1.5 mm (1.0 mm with 12 poles)

3) according to IEC DIN EN 60529, only in locked condition with an appropriate counterpart

Connectable conductors for solder area

Section: ≤ 0.75 mm² (AWG 20)
(3-8 poles)
≤ 0.25 mm² (AWG 24)
(12 poles)

Cable diameter: 4–6 mm

Electrical data (at Tamb 20 °C)

Contact resistance: ≤ 5 mΩ

Rated current: 5 A (Tamb 40 °C, 3-8 poles)
3 A (Tamb 40 °C, 12 poles)

Rated voltage: with pollution degree 1:
300 V (versions 30, 40, 50/6, 60, 70)
100 V (versions 50, 71, 80, 81)
160 V (Polbild 120)
with pollution degree 2:
250 V (versions 30, 40)
32 V (versions 50, 71, 80, 81)
160 V (versions 50/6, 60, 70, 120)

Rated impulse voltage: 1500 V (versions 30, 40, 50/6, 60, 70, 120)
500 V (versions 50, 71, 80, 81)




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KV 30350100
Immediately available at

Lumberg, DE5,850

Arrow, DE1,631

Farnell, GB1,248

Bürklin, DE851

TME, PL309

Lumberg, US200

Semtech, DE100

RS, US79


KV 40450100
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE1,080

Lumberg, US900

Farnell, GB699

RS, US590

TME, PL185

JIT, DE107

Semtech, DE100

Bürklin, DE72

KV 50550100
Immediately available at

Farnell, GB253

RS, US168

JIT, DE150

TME, PL144

Lumberg, DE100

Arrow, DE38

KV 50/6550100
Immediately available at

Lumberg, DE1,950

Farnell, GB1,537

RS, US526

Lumberg, US450

TME, PL320

Bürklin, DE184

KV 60650100
Immediately available at

Farnell, GB2,099

Lumberg, DE1,050

Bürklin, DE595

TME, PL593

Arrow, DE208

Lumberg, US200

EVE, DE100

RS, US92


KV 70750100
Immediately available at

TME, PL438

RS, US236

Lumberg, US200

Bürklin, DE163

Lumberg, DE100


Arrow, DE70

Farnell, GB51

Semtech, DE50


KV 71750100
Immediately available at

Lumberg, DE650

TME, PL238

Bürklin, DE220

RS, US40

KV 80850100
Immediately available at

Lumberg, DE1,900

TME, PL310

Farnell, GB123

Bürklin, DE77


KV 81850100
Immediately available at

Lumberg, DE900

TME, PL341

Farnell, GB334

JIT, DE130

Bürklin, DE105

Lumberg, US100

KV 1201250100
Immediately available at

Lumberg, US400

Farnell, GB379

Semtech, DE100

Arrow, DE32

Bürklin, DE20

RS, US18

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