Screw terminal blocks, pitch 3.5/5.0/10.0 mm

Screw terminal block, clamp with wire protector, upright version, consecutive placement without loss of pitch
contact pitch 5.0 mm

Approvals: VDE, UL, CSA

Data Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data

Environmental conditions

Temperature range: -25 °C/+125 °C  *1

1) upper limit temperature (insulating body) RTI (electrical) of the UL Yellow Card


Insulating body: PA, V-2 according to UL94

Clamp: CuZn, pre-nickel and tin-plated

Mechanical data

Screw size: M2.6

Connectable conductors for screw clamp

Section: 0,2–2,5 mm² (VDE)
AWG 22–12 (UL), AWG 24–12 (CSA)

Stripping length: 7.0 ± 0.5 mm

Electrical data (at Tamb 20 °C)

Rated current: 15 A (Tamb 100 °C, VDE)
10/20 A (UL)
15 A (CSA)

Rated voltage: 250 V AC (VDE)
150/300 V (UL)
300 V (B, CSA)  *1

1) according to IEC 60664/DIN EN 60664, CTI UL classification according to ANSI/UL 746A


Poles / Product Inquiry

Designation Poles PU
KRESS 0222001,000
Immediately available at

Farnell, GB3,237

Arrow, DE1,927

Lumberg, US1,000

Bürklin, DE721

Rutronik, DE200

JIT, DE117

KRESS 0332001,000
Immediately available at

Lumberg, US4,400

Arrow, DE1,000

Allied, US764

Bürklin, DE100

KRESS 0442001,000
Immediately available at

Lumberg, US2,400

Bürklin, DE369

Arrow, DE96

KRESS 0552001,000
Immediately available at

Lumberg, US4,400

Farnell, GB393

Bürklin, DE286

Arrow, DE138

KRESS 0662001,000
Immediately available at

Lumberg, US4,000

Farnell, GB567

Bürklin, DE376

KRESS 0772001,000
KRESS 0882001,000
Immediately available at

Arrow, DE1,002

KRESS 10102001,000
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE1,331

KRESS 12122001,000
Immediately available at

Bürklin, DE2,753

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