45 4580 04 MP T1,0

High-current contact elements

High-current contact bush with positioning pegs, for tab contacts 1.0 mm, for printed circuit boards or lead frames

Data Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data

Environmental conditions

Temperature range: -40 °C/+120 °C


Contact: CuNiSi alloy, tin-plated

Mechanical data

Mating with: tab contact 8.0 mm x 1.0 mm
applicable for reflow soldering on printed circuit board
applicable for laser welding on lead frame, e.g. Cu, tin-plated

Insertion force: ≤ 35 N

Withdrawal force: ≥ 5 N  *1

1) measured with a polished steel pin, nominal dimensions 8.0 x 1.0 mm

Electrical data (at Tamb 20 °C)

Contact resistance: < 1 mΩ

Rated current: 200 A  *1

1) depending on the connection to the printed circuit board/lead frame, installation situation and heat dissipation and the connection cross sections


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Designation Poles PU
4580 04 MP T1,0 V11VP915,00010,000
4580 04 MP T1,0 V11VP1212,4009,600

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