The Lumberg group

The headquarters of the Lumberg group are in the Westfalian town of Schalksmühle in Germany. A total of about 1000 employees work for the family-owned company.
Lumberg's core areas of expertise are development, manufacturing and sales of electromechanical and electronic components. Connector sys-tems and components comprise the principal part of its wide array of products.

Tool construction
Punching and bending
Injection molding
Manufacturing plants

Management systems
Customer recognition
Company history
The Lumberg group
Lumberg Germany
•  Lumberg Holding GmbH & Co. KG
•  Lumberg Connect GmbH
Lumberg International
•  Lumberg SARL, France
•  Lumberg Ltd., Great Britain
•  Lumberg Polska Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Poland
•  Lumberg, Inc., USA
•  Lumberg Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore
•  Lumberg Electronics (Shanghai) Ltd., China
Lumberg is where its customers are: numerous development and manufacturing locations in Europe, America and Asia as well as a worldwide sales network
made up of Lumberg sales corpo-rations, agencies and distributors work to provide a wide range of customer services.
Tool construction
Not only its comprehensive cata-log program, which is expanded continually, but especially its indi-vidual, flexible customer solutions document Lumberg's development and manufacturing capabilities.
The central areas of Lumberg's manufacturing expertise are high-speed punching and bending tech-nology and high-precision injecti-on molding technology. Lumberg also processes demanding materi-als, such as stainless steel and CuBe2 or LCP, SAN and TPU respectively.
The company policy of the Lumberg Group reflects its basic objectives in the areas of quality, protection of the environment and occupational safety.
Management systems
Company history
In the nearly 75 years of its com-pany history, Lumberg has develo-ped itself into an internationally operating company.
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